If you would like to be baptised, or you would like your child to be baptised, there are a few steps of preparation beforehand. You are invited to attend worship at the church in which the baptism will take place. This is especially important if you haven’t had much to do with the church before, so that you are familiar with the service. Afterwards, one of the clergy will meet with you to talk about what baptism means, the involvement of parents and Godparents on the day, and how we can help you to connect with our parish community as you continue your journey in the Christian faith.

Adults who feel ready to be baptised usually undertake a longer process of preparation, because of the significance of the promises they will make for themselves. Adults who choose to be baptised are often confirmed at the same time, by the Bishop of the Diocese.

Whether you or your child is being baptised, the main promise you make is this:

By your prayers and example, by your friendship and love, will you encourage (NAME) in the life and faith of the Christian community?

The response is:

“I will with God’s help”.

Baptism is not a stand-alone event, it is a commitment to something for life – much like a wedding service is a commitment to a life-long marriage. It is important to consider this promise and what it will mean for you to make it. You will probably have questions about what baptism and being a Christian means. That’s good! We are here to support you as you explore your relationship with God.

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