Past events with photos

We love to celebrate God’s love and spread His Love to all people. Please explore the links below of some of the events held in the church.

Father’s Day 2020

We love our earthly fathers and our Heavenly Father. Sunday school had a showcase on this special day for all our fathers, grandfathers and male figures in the church.

Christmas Photoshoot 2020

We organised our first Christmas photoshoot within our church. It is part of a “talent” fundraising event in the church. It was a great turnout

Nativity Play 2019

Our very own Sunday school children and youth put up the first ever Christmas Nativity Play for the church and the community. Everyone worked hard and presented a powerful story about the birth of Jesus 2000 years ago

International Dinner 2015

Highly anticipate event of the year.  It is an event that every culture can come and showcase their unique dishes from their own respective culture.